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The 12 Movements


A respite for the mind by bringing you back into your body through movement, breath and magic

This 3 week Practice is open to any one who wants feel more at ease within their body.  There is no prerequisite fitness level needed.  If you can walk from your bedroom to your kitchen, you will be able to do this practice. 

Ruth will be leading the daily sessions.  Her wealth of knowledge and experience over 20 years in the health and fitness industry, will ensure there are options or work arounds for you if something does not feel do-able.

You will be inspired to move, to love being in your body and know how to distill any chaos into the

grounded-ness of your physical experience.

In times of stress, upheaval and exponential change, the body reacts by going into fight, flight or freeze.  This sets off a cascade of responses in the nervous system which prepare our body and mind to deal with what we are unexpectedly experiencing.  However when the mind and body can't switch this off and return to a state of balance or rest, it creates illness, injury or fatigue. 

Doing your HIIT at home or going out for a run, may well give you that feel good boost

that exercise can, but it does this because it ramps up cortisol and adrenaline, two hormones which we have plenty of in the current stressful times.  This must be balanced out with a movement practice which brings you into your body, calms the mind and switches off the fight, flight or freeze.

Choose movement that brings you back into your body with awareness, grace and ease, to switch off the threat messages your mind is pumping out.


The 12 movements are specifically created to work on movement lines of the body, encourage flow in energy or chi lines of the body systems, create nervous system learning or de-activations and teach spatial and proprioceptive awareness for body and mind.  A better connected nervous system and brain is a more robust brain that can easily tolerate stress from the environment.

Movement (intricate movement) is the best way to to build this nervous system tenacity.  Focussing on the eyes, breathing, balance and co-ordination creates an intrinsic awareness of the smaller motor skills and movement connections gained by doing the 12 movements.  As well as using big global movements of the body to allow for a whole being approach like no other.

The movements are all linked to breath work and incorporate what modern dance companies are calling breathography. Where the breath rhythm and sound is as important a part of the dance as the movement.

(don't worry if this feels or looks silly - you will be in the privacy of your own home.)

Each movement has a spiritual component too, allowing you to have a deeper focus for the movement if you so choose.  However we only tap into the spiritual side of the moves in the final week, as it takes a while to learn all the moves and begin to feel the flow of them comfortably.

The 12 moves also correlate with the 12 attitudes / processes of the world famous AA 12 steps program. So for those who don’t relate to eastern or pagan style spiritual practices, the mindfulness focus can be more on the psychological side that AA uses in their programs.

And if you have seen the Netflix series – THE OA – we might even open a portal to another dimension by the end of it! HAHAHAHA.


 Using the much talked about online platform ZOOM, you join Ruth each weekday for a 45 minute movement session, which ends with an optional 15 minute breath meditation.  Allowing you to finish the day calm and sleep through the night having removed the pent up energy of the day.

 (time is GMT so if you are elsewhere in the world check the corresponding times for each option).

The full 3 weeks starts Monday 30th March.

Sessions will start from Thursday 26th March to iron out any tech gremlins and give bonus time to those you want to jump in early.  There is no pressure to perform or attend all the sessions, the intention is to give you opportunities to connect with your body, mind and soul in an integrated, calm and powerful way.  However the most benefit will be felt by those who attend each weekday session, prioritising their physical well-being during this time.

Investment is £25 for the 3 weeks or if you join with a friend it is £20 each.

Once your paypal payment has gone through you will receive an online health form to fill in before the program begins.  Please keep an eye on the email you use for paypal for this form, and the ZOOM login details.

There will be a recording of each session available for 24 hours after each session, if you can't make one or the time doesn't work for you.

7:oopm (GMT) session

from 30th March

(7:00pm CET)

(5:00am Sydney time)

(2:00pm est)

me and a friend

Just me