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It's Time to BECOME 

Your dream


The Story of Dreamcatchers.

My mind got frustrated,

my heart was sore and

my soul disillusioned

with the endless stream of platitudes, courses, coaches, memes and social media feeds I kept (and keep) seeing that mention making your ideas happen, manifesting your dreams, achieving your goals, hustle til you make it or indeed, fake it til you make it.

I was meeting so many people stuck in loops of supposed failure and unrealised potential.  

In fact, I could relate to this feeling because I all too often bought into the hype as well.  Thinking I just needed to work harder, work smarter, learn more, get another qualification or just take action and stop being lazy.

However it was only when I chose to stop hustling, pushing, stressing, trying to figure out HOW to make it happen that I started to BECOME all I wanted to be, do and feel.  (I am still in that process and will be as long as I breathe because that is growing and living and feeling and being human.)

This came about by reconnecting to my life and the people in it. 


By choosing to meet life and experience ALL of it, rather than trying to MAKE it happen around me.

By re-imagining WHAT I wanted to be in this life, where I wanted to DO the things I imagined, when I was feeling connected or disconnected from the dream in my heart and belly, and WHY it was essential to me and others that I brought these dreams to life.

I was told by coaches, mentors and 'clever' marketers

not to write so erratically,

to be more concise,

to use all the tricks,

that people wouldn't understand what I was offering

to use their methods and templates

to give up my 'high horse' ideals believing that I can do things my way and still be successful.

(In fact many would say I shouldn't be talking about myself in the copy for a service or product!!!!)

So I got stuck in loops of confusion and overthinking of how to make my 'stuff' understandable, because I was led to believe that everything has to a viable product.  Which led to me doing nothing significant with it because I was too paralysed by someone else's version of how things should be.

Making the choice to just BE me, DO my version of things and FEEL what was right for me has brought me more business, ideas, people and opportunities than ALL the courses I ever purchased put together.

Knowing what I am good at, trusting my intuition, taking action on the weird ideas I get and saying YES to life and all she has to offer.  These all came about because I started to value the human connection more than the business success.  I allowed the deep desire to create places of belonging and connectedness to motivate WHAT I was creating, WHERE I was placing it, and WHY I was doing it.

And sod the perfection of trying to appear professional, clever, branded to the hilt or considered an expert.

I want more than anything to feel FREE to be me , trust my ideas and joyfully try them out, and then to give others the safe, playful, non-judgemental space to do the same with their dreams, ideas and lives.

So I have chosen to create a space where people can be free to explore, create, embrace, re-think, transform and say 'WOOHOOOOO' to being themselves and doing things their way.  And so begin to feel joy and see success in their lives.

This is NOT about setting up a successful 6 figure business.

This is NOT about being an entrepreneur.

This is NOT about being famous online or acknowledged for your expertise in a particular field.

This is about re-connecting you to your dream, to the essence of your soul that craves to experience life in a way that makes you buzz like a bumble bee in a dandelion patch.

If you think your dream is reliant on your being a successful entrepreneur and making lots of money, think again.

Your dream is reliant on you honouring yourself, finding where you belong, feeling seen, heard and appreciated and having the confidence to share ALL that you are with those in your life.

From that place comes the successful outworking / manifestation of that dream you hold in your heart right now.


The Online Dreamcatchers Group is a 3 or 6 month process.  You can say yes to three months and then extend to six months when you feel, see and know the value of this kinship.  

My intention is NOT to force people into a process that is not right for them, but to allow enough time and space for each Dreamcatchers Group to become cohesive, integrated and aligned.  That is why, if after three months you do NOT feel this, then you can withdraw from the group.

Online ZOOM calls are the way we connect, collaborate and co-create.  The groups are small enough for the most do-able day and time to be agreed upon by all.  My aim is for everyone to make at least 90% of the calls.  Recordings are sent out after each call, but the participation is more important than the information.

Eventually there is a chat group or forum in which members can interact with each other outside of the calls.

In person events are also part of the Dreamcatcher experience, with at least one get together in person planned in the last trimester of the group.  Logistics and planning of this only happen once the group is established.


Yes there is a price tag attached to being part of this group, however all too often I see people stumble at the investment of money required to DO online courses.  So have a look at the NEXT STEPS section below to find out more about that burning money question that always comes up  when something is being sold online.

My Take on Online Groups

And why I do things differently


Sandra (pixie extraordinaire)

Dreamcatchers has been a mix of pure business/ enterprise support and consultations, a dash of woo-woo-ness and ‘fluffiness’, a healthy dose of laughter and light-heartedness, a generous sprinkling of friendship, trust, personal growth and learning.


Seeing the positive changes in my fellow DCs and myself has been truly mind-blowing and a pleasure to be part of. We are still rooting for each other, cheering one another on in our separate endeavours and providing that circle of trust and support for each other.

George, (the calming essence) 

I didn't know quite what to expect, and so it was a leap of faith. I knew that it would be interesting and fun, because of Ruth. It was that and so much more, the kind of more that is a little elusive and ethereal. That's because Ruth is an incredibly intuitive person, with a beautiful way and the word alchemist seems fitting. 

The most wonderful and unique experience.  It was an exploration and discovery of myself.  it lifted my heart and opened my mind. A self imposed limit I never realised I had as been erased, creating an explosion of ideas, comfort and confidence of where I want to be. It has definitely enhanced my life, made things easier and more joyful.

The people I have met are truly special beings and the whole experience is something to treasure. 

Maria (the magical)

Fast forward many months of being in the most fun, heart-centred, playful, creative, transformational process that’s got nothing to do with the patriarchal transformational coaching goal setting and ‘get off your sofa-coma’d arse and get shit done’ model which I truly despise. 


Ruth really speaks my language and my creative sparks really light up in a very workable and directed way — rather than me being 'miss creative genius' with too many ideas and nowhere to go.


I’m at the end of this phase of my Dreamcatchers process and now I have a methodology for ALL of my ideas, passions and projects.


There is space for everything in the most magical integrated and aligned way.

Sam (the hugger)

Initially I didn’t know what to expect from our Dreamcatcher group.  We were a bunch of strangers, brought together by Ruth, and with her guidance we became a supportive source of friendship, fun and encouragement.  A place to talk about ideas and (dare I say it!) feelings, prompted to look inward.  There was an energy around it that fostered change.  Not on a grand, scary scale, but on a day by day, know yourself better, be curious, kind of way. 

One of the most important aspects about Dreamcatchers has been the sense of continuity it gave me. Making the quiet time and space to do the reflections and inward-looking, examining what I feel, or want.  Through it all I’ve known that the group exists with me, around me.  It’s continuous.  I know there’s another call to join, and connect with, and to keep me coming back to the work. 

Ruth doesn’t call it work but it is.  It takes commitment and effort to change something/ourselves/our situation/our job, or to find something we think is missing.  And that’s hard to stick with if we’re doing it alone.


£99 a month.

Thats a grand total of £594 for 6 months. 

(an investment in changing your life forever!)

However if it is the price tag making  you balk at getting involved when everything else about this resonated like a gong in a Himalayan monastery,  then we need to have a conversation.  I am up for making deals, negotiating exchange of value or you selling your soul instead of paying in chickens.

So whether it is a resounding yes to joining  a Dreamcatchers Group , or want to tentatively ask questions because you don't want to sign up for yet another THING ...  We need to have a conversation at this point. 

If you are scared of talking to me because you think I will try and SELL this to you - THINK AGAIN.

I need to know what your dream is first, to hear it in your voice, feel it in your tone and sense it from our connection when we speak.

You also need to get the same from me.

AND THEN there is still another step before you actually sign up, but let's start with a conversation.  Get in touch by picking one of the options below.  SIMPLE.


If you would like to know more