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It's Time to Manifest

Your Body Magic

The journey begins ...

your body, mind and soul in sync 

Body Magic is a calling from within,

calling you back to the power, knowing and awareness

that is held within every cell of your body.

When the life you desire and dream of 

feels just out of reach ...

You can picture your dream life – and believe you have the ability to call it in


You know change takes work and investment – you’ve been doing this already and seen some results

You’re signed up for consciously creating your reality…


You’ve done some mindset work,

 You know the power of your thoughts, 

You’ve done some soul work, 

You’re open to receive and be the highest version of you...

…but it’s just not coming together.

There’s something missing.

 Your Body

Maybe you think your body’s just here for the ride, the vehicle for your soul -

that it's not the key part in your development journey?


Perhaps your body, as it is right now, isn’t in alignment with that dream future you envision.

Secretly you believe you'd be so much more confident if you lost a few pounds, looked younger, dressed better, were a different shape, or looked like you did when you were 21.

(Though back when you were 21 did you truly believe you were rocking it?)


Chronic pain, restrictions, conditions or trauma experiences are so loud within your body that you have very little sense of anything else being available to you physically than those persistent stories playing out in your body.  In your mind an 'ideal' body is something that other people strive for, while each day you are just hoping for a little body silence.

Truth is  :

Your body is an expression of YOU in this world – it is a message from your soul about who you are, what is present and what you have created

Until you establish an honest, loving relationship with your body – the one you have right now – the changes and dreams you try to set in motion will be blocked.

You can’t fake your relationship with your body, or pretend it doesn’t matter.

It’s not about blasting your body into shape and hoping the rest will follow. Lasting change goes far deeper than a regular exercise practice.


When your relationship with your body is as strong as your mindset and soul awareness you will see incredible change.

Body, Mind and Soul in sync.

With even just one of the three missing, you’ll only get so far.

Is it finally time to bring all the parts of you back together?

It Starts With a 12 Week Process

This is the ultimate body transformation. 

It is not for those that want to get out of pain, or fix something that doesn't meet aesthetic perfection. 

This 12 week process is for those that want to burn it all to the ground and step out of the flames, like a Phoenix, reborn.  It is a deep unravelling of YOU at every level, so that any weeds, chains, sticking points are revealed and acknowledged and you get to choose if they still serve you.

Then the fun of creating a new you, within new environments, begins.

This is not a process where you can hide within your well worn stories that have kept you lost, mediocre or in a certain type of pain, that no one else seems to understand. 

You will think you are coming to this with one thing in particular to deal with or unravel or transform - but you will see, feel and know the interconnectedness of all that you are by the end of the 12 weeks.

You will never go back to playing it small, fighting for control or believing that you are anything less than magnificent in every area.

I ask for an investment of £3250 for the 12 week 'Embody' process.

(obviously payment plans are offered)

If you are keen to experience this type of work but cannot invest that amount in your body magic, then you could either take a look at the smaller offerings of Body work I do as a starting point


You can have a chat with me about making a deal and contracting a different kind of value for this process.  

Either way - if you are still curious and drawn to this, then the next step is to have a conversation with me.


This is me, Ruth

When I was younger I had a dream - I wanted to be a ballet dancer. I started when I was 4 or 5 and I absolutely loved it.  Ballet was fun, I was really good, I had the co-ordination, the rhythm, the timing, the flexibility and could do everything the teacher said.

However, as I progressed with ballet, I overheard a conversation between my teacher and my mother - "Ruth is fat and you need to put her on a diet"  was the basis of that conversation and it planted a seed of a very deep story inside me.  ​  I began to embody the story that 'Being good at something is not enough if you don't look the part.' 

At aged 11, I longed to audition for the royal ballet school but I pulled away from my dream because I didn't believe I had the look for it.  I turned my back on dance and paid more attention to sports. That allowed me to push my body, experience the joy of moving and feel accepted as long as I could achieve competitive results. It was only when I came to England that I fell into the fitness world of gyms and classes.  I wanted to be strong, capable and prove that I could do anything physical. But really, I was fighting against that old story of not being enough because of the way I looked. 

This story still informs the work I do today.  But in a different way than when I was younger.

I see so many women pushing to look a certain way to gain acceptance but in doing so they begin to dissociate and disconnect from the beauty that their own body holds.   I find bodies fascinating and truly believe that the beauty in every single body is vast, but so many people have limited themselves due to the story they hold.

Throughout my 20 years in the fitness industry I learned a lot of things...but mostly I learnt this:

Everyone's body is unique, but everybody seems to be striving to have someone else's body because they are discontent with their own.  We are all glorifying a media perception of beauty and perfection to the detriment of our own mental health.

The freedom comes in discovering the "paradox of becoming," which is that once the acceptance is there, the aesthetic beauty follows.


What if we could all embrace the uniqueness of our bodies and intrinsically know what is best for us at any given time?  Many people have stopped chasing their dream because they believe they don't look the part.  When self belief and body confidence are at a low ebb people lose trust in their own body. 

Delving into the story that lies within ones own body, and getting to know the true heart and soul can be frightening and threatening to everything that someone may have built in their life.  Which is why  when working on transformation with my clients, it is done in a playful and magical way.. 

​I want you to know that your body is amazing, it is beautiful as it is and once you can see that, the possibilities for your life are endless.


What if we have the answers already to all of our ailments because we created them, therefore we too, can heal them?

What if what you think is the thing, isn't really the thing at all... and there is so much more health, vitality, joy and energy available to you?