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Body Tarot

Using a unique form of cartomancy to read the past, present and future of your body

Body Map

An in depth 90 minute online session mapping the terrain of your life and body and setting a new course for the future

Create Your Own Gameplan

There is always a way to get things done, to accomplish your goals, to find solutions to anything, and the key to it is in the way you like to PLAY.  

In this session you will discover your Way to Play and how to apply it your situation.

Written in the Stars

Discover why your horoscopes are never quite right - get your in depth planetary reading linked to your life numbers and your body


Very Intensive Personal Sessions


  • Body Map

  • Body Story Process 

  • Life Numbers Reading incorporated with your full Star Alignment Chart

  • Card Reading for any situation you bring to the session

  • How to implement and action what you receive in the session - this is what is missing from most other readings or spiritual guidance sessions.  I spend time with you pulling down to earth all that is revealed through Divine Connection

You will receive a PDF report after the session of everything covered during the VIP Package.

(Allow three hours for this session.  Once payment is received you will be sent a booking link and a form to fill in for our session together.  You have a 24 hour window after payment to request a refund, if you change your mind, as once payment is made you enter into process with me even before our call.  If this seems weird to you then this VIP package is probably not for you!)


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