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Answer Your Calling

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Answer your calling dammit – cos it sure as hell ain’t leaving a voicemail for when you are ready to hear it.

Nope, it will just keep on ringing and ringing and ringing until either you throw the phone across the room or have to pick it up.

And even if you throw it across the room and think you have disconnected the line, it will be like one of those weird sci-fi / horror films where it just starts ringing again anyway.

But how long will you let the incessant ringing go on for?

Irritating you, driving you to distraction, creating frustration – until you HAVE to answer or go completely mad in the process of trying to ignore it.

Some people say that your calling is your life purpose.  Well yes and no. 

Life purpose, to me, is that core thing you are meant to do with your life, the thread that weaves through everything you bring into the world.

A calling (IMHO) can be a long term, life purpose type thing or it can be numerous small opportunities at various times in your life that yell out to you to engage with them so that it can build layer upon layer of experience into your existence, creating a canvas of beauty called a life well lived.

Like a calling to do a certain type of work for a period of time in your life, which then draws to a close as another door opens.

Or a calling to travel to a particular part of the world that captivates you.

Or a calling to connect with a certain person or group of people

Or a calling to go buy ice-cream for your Friday night at home on the sofa watching a movie

Imagine a calling like this….

You are walking down the street heading to work, or going about your business and suddenly you hear your name called out.  So you stop and look around to see where it came from. 

If you happen to spot the person that called you, it gives you a chance to put it into perspective and respond accordingly.

If it was a familiar face then you would assume they wanted to get your attention to say hi.

If it was someone you didn’t know then you might not be able to tell it was them that called you until they say your name again while you are looking in their direction, but then the reason for them calling you would still be a mystery.

And if you looked around and couldn’t figure out where the call of your name came from you might shrug it off and continue on about your business.  Even if it then happened again a few times, if each time you couldn’t find the source of the call then you would eventually dismiss it thinking you may be hearing things.

So what happens when you continuously ignore the callings.  Especially the small little ones that happen on a regular basis.  The small desires, inklings, intuitions that call out from your soul to be noticed so you can connect to a broader, deeper, bigger experience of life.

Things like:

Walk a different way to work today

Try that coffee shop out instead

Call that one particular person

Look up from what you are doing and look out the window

Arrange a particular meeting

Buy yourself flowers

Sign up to an art class

The more you ignore the callings that are whispers, choosing instead to keep your attention focused on the road ahead, not wavering from the course you are on for a second – the more likely you are to miss the louder callings. 

Choosing to ignore the callings begins to create a certain dullness in the perception or hearing of the call.  To the point where even when the call is a roaring wind of change, you perceive you cannot possibly turn to look around for fear of falling off the course you are on, or embarrassing yourself by looking around for an unknown caller who, you assume, probably isn’t even calling out to you anyway.

A calling is not just an instruction to do something, or a task that pulls at you to notice its importance – it can also be the calling of desire from within.

But because it is so ingrained in our society to prove our worth through productivity, the desires get silenced all too quickly, as frivolous, selfish, impetuous or wasteful.  And in doing so the subtle callings of your soul to engage with life, die a little death over and over again.

Just like the ringing of the phone, the ignored calling of your desire, your intuition, your knowing is like ignoring an important message that is trying to be communicated to you. It will mean missing out on information that can and will shape the experience of your life.

But that ringing will continue, as life desires and requires engagement, growth and expansion.  It is not the world that suffers due to you ignoring your callings – it is you.

Living in a self-inflicted






Because you choose not to look around, deviate from your course, find out who is calling and why.

The impact on the body of this oblivion or blatant ignoring of the callings of life, is one of strangulation, tension, dissociation, stiffness, deafness, poor sight, back problems or even degenerative disease.

Don’t ever think you are getting away with ignoring your callings, whether it be

For the sake of others well-being or desires

Thinking you are staying safe

Or claiming ‘I’m not sure / I don’t know so I can’t possibly respond’.

Because that phone will keep ringing until you are forced to answer it or you are driven to madness and don’t recognise yourself anymore.  And all the while those ignored callings build up in your body like pebbles filling your pockets and weighing you down.

If you want



Ease of movement

Growth in any area

Deeper connection

More expansive understanding


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