• Ruth Priscilla

Embody Your Essence

You have been doing ALL the mindset work,

Spiritual alignment

Had a trainer or joined a gym

Seen a ton of health experts and gurus

Tapped, scripted or matrixed yourself right


Your body does not change.

In fact you may feel that it is ‘getting away from you’ even more.

Surely your body should be reflecting the alignment and healing that you have been working on in all the other areas of your life?

The weight doesn’t seem to shift

The energy levels don’t improve

The condition or injury that plagues you lurks in the back ground waiting to jump out on you when you let your spiritual guard down…

Well its time that someone tells you (and maybe this time you will hear it) there is nothing wrong with your body.

It is doing precisely what you need it to, what you are telling it to, what you are allowing it to.

But many women are so busy trying to FIX it

To gain some other dimension perspective on it

To push it, punish it, limit it, transform it

That they are missing out on their life purpose altogether

TO experience

Indulge in



ALL OF LIFE through the beautiful sensory organism of the body.

So they can truly manifest all the abundance, magic and joy that life has to offer in this physical reality…

Rather than waiting for it to be allowed in by some other dimensions purpose or a deities permission.

Take life by the shoulders and pull it into a full lipped embrace – breathing in the joy and excitement of being in your physical body.  Feeling the tingle of desire for having, being and doing more.

The time for being less is over.

The weight loss for aesthetics paradigm is constantly claiming new victims – but it dies a death when women begin to EMBODY and expand all that they are by enjoying the body they are in.

We get to end the suffering and constriction we experience and also free the generations to come from the pain of sexualised, idealised and stigmatised body image.

AND we do that by freeing ourselves, accepting and loving on our own bodies.

You want to know the truth about why you can’t ‘CHANGE’ your body.

Why the diets haven’t been working for you.

Why you continue to suffer and be at odds with pain and injury.

Why your goals and dreams lie unattained.

Are you really ready for YOUR TRUTH?

Because It is deeper

Often darker (that’s not a bad thing)

Than you expect.

Or are you still wanting to stay circling around life in a holding pattern, waiting for permission to land.

I am done with the holding pattern of trying to coax women into appreciating their bodies while listening to them come up with the next regime they will inflict on themselves, and tie themselves up in self-deprecating knots.  Putting themselves low down in the priority list and then bemoaning how they don’t get what they want or deserve.

Enough is enough

Be a queen -

or remain

A servant





A queen is not a tyrant – she is sure of purpose, position and stature.  She has presence and awareness of her impact and responsibilities and doesn’t give those away to anyone else.  She stakes her claim in this life and holds her position of authority, knowing that she does this so that everyone she is responsible for (her queendom) can thrive and live with fullness and joy.

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