• Ruth Priscilla

The Strength of the Feminine

With an ever growing trend in fitness towards 'women can train just as hard as men' and the rise of the equality in sport debate - which are all fantastic things btw! There is a new pressure on young women to perform in ways that have been the remit of young men for generations.

Women's bodies are resilient, strong and highly adaptable, so the question of physical capability to match what men can do physically is not really a relevant debate anymore.

However what does differ is the intent and long term effects on the female body of not only the hard physical drive of 'training like a man' (said with some sarcasm please note!) but also the stress of that competitive intention to push the body.

Obviously there is science for and against pushing the limits of physical capability for both the male and female body - but that is NOT what I want to highlight here.

What I want to highlight is the impact on the emotional and spiritual aspects of the feminine being that driving the female body to extremes can have.

Here is an excerpt of a masterclass training I did in my FACEBOOK GROUP, where I speak about embodying the feminine and the different kind of strength that that is.

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