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The Power of Invoking Kinship to Weave Your Dream Into Existence

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

When will I be ready?

Will I ever be ready?

Can I actually do this?

How can I do this?

If I can’t do this now, at this time – will my life ever have a purpose, fulfilment, or mean anything more than mundanity?

Do I really have it in me to try again?

What is it I keep getting wrong?

Why haven’t I started yet / been successful yet?

Why can’t I just accomplish this already?

What method, course, information, motivation, will help me get it done this time?

If these are the questions you all too often have playing in your mind then STOP.

Ask a different question.

Ask instead…

What do I want to create?

What beauty, joy, solution does that creation bring to the WORLD?

Who is affected / impacted by me bringing this into being?

Now expand on those answers

- Answer them in different ways

- Make the answers bigger / more

- Go beyond what your brain tells you is possible, until your heart hums ‘yes’ and your belly does nervous, excited flollops.

And before you start to reason your way out of the above answers, before you overthink, before you remember your failures, shortcomings,  limitations or fears – ANSWER THIS


(if you’re the kind of person driven to accomplish goals and revel in creating results alone – then just BEGIN.  And probably stop reading this now.)

If you still think you are the kind of person who does like to do things alone and you’re still blocked starting the accomplishment of your dream then speak to me about 1-2-1 guidance to remove the shame and fear that is stopping you first, before bothering to try do any pushing towards a goal or dream achievement. 

BUT that is not what this post is about.

It is likely if you have read this far, there is something you dream of bringing into being that will have an impact on the hearts, minds and lives of other people.  That kind of dream is NOT the sort of thing you bring into being on your own.

Hear me out – I am not about to drop into one of those sales pitches that says you need me to mentor or guide you….

I am writing this to share the power of invoking kinship in catching your dream and weaving it into existence, regardless of WHO you do it with.

Your creative process and dream creation may have taken place in  isolation, meditation, or the recesses of your heart, soul or imagination, where only you have access. 

But to make this thing into something tangible, physical, shareable you will be required to engage with other people.

That is where the fear kicks in.

Having to validate the idea

Prove it worthy or valuable

Hope people will understand it

Then ultimately that they will want to engage with the creation of the dream.

That is the leap of faith that few can take without -

Flinching, hesitating, overthinking, talking themselves out of it over and over again.

Chiding themselves to be more productive and less lazy.

Criticising themselves for procrastination and lack of results.

Dishonouring their dream by moulding it into the image of someone else’s opinion of how it should be done.

Because maybe it is safer to take cover in someone else’s version of success than to hold to the light of what they deeply desire to manifest in this world. 

But to live in the drama of failure is better known and remembered than the unknown path of embodying and making a reality of the call of the heart.

The mentors, teachers, instructors will say to put aside feelings and to set the mind to the task regardless of the voice within – and if failure occurs it is because one did not do as they were instructed.

In this space or paradigm there is little accommodation for the heart, the intuition, the questioning of the deep reality of the creator, the dreamer, the one who carries the life of this thing that must be born.

How much longer will you chase your tail (or someone else’s tail) in the hope of someone doing for you what you can’t seem to do for yourself.  (Whether that is motivation, discipline, information, method or ideas.)

It is time to put aside the fight, the push, the hustle, the lists…

It is time to Invoke Kinship

To feel the belonging.

Not in joining a method, tribe, network, system or structure – the time of those things is passing.

A new wave of creating through belonging is building. 

The tide has turned and the currents have changed. 

To swim against these new currents and keep chasing the old flow, trying to just stay afloat, will sap the energy and strength that you could be using to establish your dream.

The tide of belonging is about being seen, being heard, being allowed, being welcomed, being witnessed in your process, being trusted and trusting that you and all those co-creating in the space of belonging are intrinsically connected.  That each is essential to other becoming the dream that has been envisioned.

For in the space of belonging one doesn’t strive to accomplish the dream or to compete in anyway but is




Driven to become the dream and

To become all that is required to see the impact of the dream manifest in the world.

This is NOT just the realm of the high flying entrepreneur masterminds,

Nor is it a place where one has to have resources, network or high net worth to be of value,

Nor is it a place for accountability check ups, policing of tasks or competitive virtue signalling.

This is the new realm of humanity creating its future together, with kindness, appreciation and collective creativity.  Which occurs when generosity of the human spirit is applied to another’s dream, and the joyful process and development of another’s vision brings as much contentment as achieving ones own goals.

This is what it is to be a dreamcatcher.

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